American History!!

Welcome to the 2012-2013 School year

Things will really be changing this year with all of the technology and all of you having laptops! Hope you are all getting the chance to do some different things with google docs, wikispaces, comic life, power point, garage band, imovie, and others!!

This wiki is to function as a place for you to create your digital portfolio for your work, find information about the assignments, view your classmates posts, and discuss and share ideas about your work.

Steps you need to take:
1. Create your own page within Mr. Frauen's page-do this by clicking on the left where it says "New Page" and title the page with your name.
2. Begin customizing your page! Remember, this is your page, so make sure it is professional and appropriate.
3. Complete your projects and post them to your page. (Use the Edit This Page tab to make changes, upload files, link pages, and do other things)
4. Visit your classmates pages and post your reflections of their thoughts on their discussion board.

Here are some downloads that you may find helpful if you lose the copies we passed out to you!